Wrapped and stuffed Pork Loin with cheese, sun dried tomatoes and onions

This was a real experimental dish! I wanted to create something decadent and different to the usual midweek meal, and this was certainly just that. This pork loin was very rich with the oozing cheese and crisp bacon. I served it here with roasted mustard and thyme aubergines and balsamic glazed radicchio. These sides were amazing but possible too rich for this pork, next time I think I will serve the pork with just a fresh green salad. These sides I think would work really well with a butter poached turkey steak, that way the sides can sing.

So to the pork; to stuff a pork loin a little butterflying is required, this isn’t difficult but best explained via photo’s haha…

First remove any white tendons that run along the loin, if you don’t remove these they will tighten up and force the loin to shrink. Once you have done this its all about opening the loin I like a book…

Start by cutting a slit down the length of the loin and open it, then continue to add a couple more slices to open it out so that you have space in the middle to add your stuffing.

Add seasoning of salt, pepper and thyme to the pork and its ready to stuff. This is where you can get creative and stuff this with some beautiful things that you love to eat. I have chosen to stuff this with cheddar and sun dried tomatoes but there are endless combinations.

Here are some stuffing combo’s to try, I haven’t given measurements here as it depends on the size of your pork (childish giggle) and the ingredients you like most, these are very flexible and it’s all about your own taste.

Cheese and Sun dried Tomatoes

Slice a small yellow onion and gently cook in a very small amount of butter for about 10 mins until soft and sweet. Remove from the heat and stir in 1 tablespoon of chopped sun dried tomatoes and approx 150grams of cheddar. The cheese will bring together the onions and tomatoes. Spoon the mixture down the length of the pork and roll.

Sage and Onion Stuffing

Sweat a yellow onion in some butter till soft. Mix the onion into a mix of fresh bread crumbs and chopped sage. Season and stuff.

Black pudding and rosemary

Using cooked black pudding, take out of the casing and break up into a bowl. Fry some rosemary leaves and slices of garlic in olive oil for a couple of minutes and add this to the black pudding, then stuff.

Herby stuffing

Chop a mixture of your fav herbs; rosemary, thyme and basil for example. Mix these with a small about of sausage meat and stuff.

I really hope you get creative and experiment with some different flavours.


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