Summer Salmon and Basil Carbonara

This is a very loose recipe that can change depending on the amount of people you are feeding and according to your taste.

It is a fast and exciting recipe to cook as it happens all at the last minute and you can see the dish come together as you toss the hot pasta in the raw sauce.

The key to this dish is making sure you have everyone at the table in advance as pasta waits for no one, and in particular this dish with this sauce relying on heat of the pasta you don’t want it to sit around.


Serves approx. 2 hungry people

Approx. 200 grams of dried pasta

2 salmon fillets

3 egg yolks

3 tablespoons of Greek style yoghurt

A few basil leaves

Approx. 150 grams parmesan, more if you love it.

Salt and pepper

Lemon zest

What to do…

Cook the pasta to the packet instructions.

While the pasta is cooking add all the other ingredients (apart from the salmon and basil) to a large bowl, big enough to fit the pasta and the salmon also. Mix the egg york, cheese, yoghurt and zest with the salt and pepper. This is your raw sauce,
ready to be soaked up by the hot steamy pasta.

When the pasta is ready, drain but save the pasta water, this will be needed later. Tip the hot pasta into the raw sauce and stir, quickly flake that salmon into the pasta and stir again, add a few tablespoons of the pasta water to create a creamy texture and that’s it! It’s ready to serve.

Top with extra parmesan and the basil leaves, eat immediately

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