Chinese Aubergine’s and Onion’s with Egg Fried Rice

This was a dish I made as I had a craving for Chinese flavours, all I had was aubergine’s and onions, so that’s what I used. It made for a great combination in the end. Making sure the veggies had that dark char was really important. All in all this dish has every thing, it’s veggie, low fat and really filling.

Its also really flexible depending on your taste. I decided on to put measurements so you can personalise it to your own tastes, if you love chilli, add more!


Chopped aubergine

Chopped onion

Five spice


Fish sauce

Chilli oil

Sesame oil and seeds


Cooked rice

2 eggs

To start dry fry the aubergine and get some colour for about 5 mins. Then add the onion and continue to create colour. Add the Chinese five spice, coat, add chilli oil, soy and fish sauce. Turn the heat down a touch and cook and turn regularly for approx 15 min, you’re looking for the aubergine to be soft but the onion still have a crunch.

Start to fry the eggs in a separate pan, add the cooked rice, stir and coat the rice. Add some soy to season the rice.

Finally add chopped garlic to the aubergine and onions, toss or stir for a couple of mins and you are done!

Pile it high into your bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds and then get it in your gob!!!! Yum yum yum!

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